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My name is
- Aneesh Garg

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I am Simple Human Being like all others, In 2006-2007 I witness something new and paranormal within, some powers are getting developed inside, actually my shamanic powers are getting shaped by the nature.

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One day in late 2009 I came into contact with stones and it amazed me totally that how can it be helpful to me like a common man thinks about the crystals, and this gives a zeal to gather more and more knowledge about stones.

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And then in 2014 I came in contact with someone who had the same passion and motto regarding crystals and give a kick to start my journey with crystals for full time, and had a wonderful and amazing experiences as I go deeper, I started researching on crystals like what are the new healing techniques I can develop and use to serve the mankind.  now I use and teach people my healing techniques and let them know about the crux of the story that how can these wonderful Mother Earth babies do miracles in life.

In my journey so far there has not been a single day when this mystical world didn’t mesmerized me . The more I connect , the more I feel I know nothing about this beautiful gift of Mother Earth . Each day is a different experience. I have seen people getting healed with not only emotional wounds but also physical issues .
I have been Divinely guided and inspired to help them befriend crystals . Some choose roughs , some tumbles and some elixirs or jewelry . Whatever their preference , I have also guided them to use whatever they attune to the best .
Crystals have provided a lot of lost souls their life purpose by inculcating in them their will power and helping them reconnect with their own source . And I am thankful that the Universe helped me in being their guiding light in this work .
May I keep getting inspired and keep inspiring.

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