Way to Success

Well if we start debate on this topic this will be never ending topic but first of all I would like to clarify what actually success is, so as per me success is a state or phase of life when you start feeling fulfilled or satisfied by what you have and what you have achieved in your life, for me success cannot be measured by bank balance or property, it can be and it must be measured by the amount of satisfaction one has achieved, and for this one must understand the thing that- “What I have Achieved is nothing more or nothing less than I deserve” . So if one will understand this and learnt this by heart then the life will be as beautiful as heaven. But it is nearly impossible for most of the people to get this feeling inside them, and yes after reading this you will say this is contrary to the facts, so for this the answer is for achieving this we need a companion, that can be anyone whether it can be a friend, wife, parents, colleagues, or any one other who completely believes on us, completely loves us and completely supports us to achieve that success in life which cannot be achieved by any other way in life. Only that one person makes us so strong to have this feeling with in ourselves that yes I have done a good job in life and I am now successful otherwise every second person between us will be dissatisfied and his life will be full of stress and anxiety and he turned his way either to arrogance or might try some meditation or mental exercises but the real story will always remain behind the scene that he will never feel complete to the inner core of his soul, So as per me “One Must have a life’s friend in his life to make him feel that he Achieved What he Deserves”. And That life’s Friend has to be there in every one’s life, but this really never happens with every one, more than half of people never get such Life’s Friend in their life and they keep on thinking of success with all the money and assets they have earned but all goes vain when they found themselves empty handed in terms of relations and mental peace, they never thought of getting satisfaction in life. They never learn to smile with deep satisfaction and found themselves deep sad inside. So the Crux of the story is – live your life to the fullest, achieve what you love and love whatever you have achieved in your life and last but not the least try never to regret for what you don’t have in your life because on that will make you feel unsuccessful and unsatisfied in your life. Because whenever we regret for something we push ourselves to the believe that I am not able to get this in my life and I could something more than probably I would get that. So never do this to yourself so “Always love yourself and your life”

~ Aneesh Garg